“A modern take on family history.”

At the heart of Modern Heritage lies a family legacy of artisan craftsmanship dating back to the 1700s. Based in Blois, France, David’s ancestors specialized in the trade of carpentry, slate work and intricate shoemaking. Starting with a Master Carpenter and David’s great great great grandfather, Joseph Cormier, there is a long lineage of skilled craftsmen.

Throughout his young adult life, David had no idea of the family’s history. After years of developing and growing Colas Modern, we discovered the family’s craftsman history when we stumbled upon the original Master Carpenter certificate of completion, dated in the late 18th century. The original certificate and some handmade woodworking instruments are now displayed in our Savannah atelier. These antique tools continue to inspire our collection and processes.


Modern Heritage represents the comfort and security of a home built around heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. Even the smallest details are a careful curation of pursuing functionality and durability. We believe you shouldn’t settle for mass-produced, semi-quality pieces that aren’t a perfect fit. We specifically design collections with you in mind - for your family’s home.

Our family is dedicated to quality craftsmanship, sustainable manufacturing and celebrating intentional design solutions that fit into any home.