handcrafted artisans

The origin story of Modern Heritage is much more than just the creation of a home furnishings collection.

For our family, it’s the result of a calling to establish a legacy we can be proud of, steeped with a deep-rooted history of artisan craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. Savannah, GA is not only where Modern Heritage began but most importantly, where the Colas family has blossomed.

Originally from France, David grew up with a passion for creativity. While attending high school in Malaysia, he had an epiphany at an artist exhibition in a local museum. At the time he contemplated the possibility that this passion could be pursued professionally. Shortly after, a recruiter from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) presented at his high school and offered an opportunity he couldn’t overlook. During his studies in SCAD’s highly accredited design program, he developed a newfound passion for woodworking.

Following his graduation from SCAD, David presented his collection in a local furniture exhibition at Ashmore Gallery in Savannah. As the gallery’s director, Lara, noticed the quality craftsmanship of David’s timeless woodwork and asked that he create custom furnishings for her Gaston Street apartment. In 2013, they started a small laser cutting business together that eventually grew into bespoke furniture and décor.

Lara and David married in 2015 and in 2017, they welcomed their first child, Maximilien. They had dreams of producing heirloom-quality furniture and décor that was centered around their family’s values and our passion for quality craftsmanship. After seeing friends settle for big-box store furniture, they decided to focus on timeless, bespoke furnishings for the modern home. From there, Modern Heritage was born.

Since then, they’ve welcomed their daughter, Rose, and third child, David Jr. Their growing family has done everything but slow them down. Currently, their new passion project will include renovating their home with their favorite pieces from the Modern Heritage collection and inspiring new designs along the way.

We hope you discover new inspiration for your own home and allow us to personally introduce you to Modern Heritage, where home is your heritage.